IPtalk comes online

Inlex Conseil, based in Paris, France, has just sent the IPKat issue three of IPtalk, a magazine that provides lively and attractive updates on French and EU law - in English but from a Gallic perspective. You can read this and the two previous issues of IPtalk online here, on Inlex's blog-alike website.

The IPKat wishes IPtalk the best of luck in this venture, noting with relief what it says on page 2 about the Loi Toubon not being a basis for the refusal of registration of a trade mark in France. Merpel says, hang on - IPtalk is only one letter away from being an anagram of IPKat. Oh, what the 'ell!

French Without Tears here
Tears Without French here

Latest JIPLP

The October issue of the Oxford University Press monthly Journal of Intellectual Property Law and Practice has now been published. Major features in this issue include Brad Olson's piece on the unique provisions for the protection of vessel keels in the United States, Hidero Niioka's observations on the new American pastime of patent auctions and a masterly account by Arnauld Folliard-Monguiral of the legal implications arising from co-existence of trade marks inside the Community trade mark system.

View the full contents of this issue here; get a sample issue here; subscribe here; top 50 most frequently viewed articles here
To read the Editorial of this issue and all previous issues click here
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