Macca to go for the red meat?

According to Guardian Unlimited, former Beatle Paul McCartney - known to Sun readers as Macca - has applied to register the surname McCARTNEY for use on goods as wide-ranging as pantihose, waistcoats and vegetarian food. The application was made by his company, MPL Communications, and specifies such disparate items as bath robes, articles of fancy dress, overalls, sports clothing and swimwear. The application also covers meat and poultry, products of which the vegetarian celebrity strongly disapproves. A spokesman for McCartney said the inclusion of meat products was purely defensive. "It would give him protection against his name being used on products he does not approve of" he said.

The IPKat notes that the registration of a mark with the intention not to use it for goods or sevices within its specification looks like "bad faith" for the UK application, but not for the Community application. Merpel says, presumably Macca will have to be careful not to use the mark in such a way as to suggest any confusion or connection with the trade marks of his daughter Stella.

UK application of 13 April 2006 here
CTM application of 21 April 2006 here
Macca here
Lookalike Macca here
Big Mac here
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Guy said...

Stella McCartney is already registered in some classes nationally and also as a CTM. Preumably in the event of a Section 5 objection she would provide her father with a letter of consent. Looking at the other trade mark registrations in the portfolio of MPL Communications Limited it is noted that the listing for LINDA MCCARTNEY is marked "expired".

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