The Akron Beacon Journal reports that students from Cleveland State University are opposing an application to the USPTO to register COCAINE as a trade mark for an energy drink. The students argue that the mark is unregistrable as it is immoral and scandalous.

The IPKat is impressed by the students’ initiative, but notes the irony that, if the students are successful, everyone will be able to use the word as a trade mark (why they’d want to, the IPKat can’t understand).
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Guy said...

In January 2005 SEMTEX was registered by the UK Trade Marks Registry for "Energy drinks". These should be more powerful than "Cocaine". [This year the Czech manufacturer of the famous explosive, Expolosia a.s., filed an application to register the word SEMTEX in classes 01 and 13 (explosives) at Alicante. The goods specifications are in Czech.]

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