Peggy Sue Makes Mrs Holly Blue

More than just a song title, Peggy Sue is about to launch her memoirs, which apparently include certain "unspecified claims" about her relationship with Buddy Holly (at left). Peggy Sue, of the famous 1950s song, was married to Jerry Allison, drummer with Buddy Holly's band, The Crickets. Apparently the two couples were once so close, they shared a double honeymoon in 1958 - apparently also one of the more controversial entries in the memoirs. (At right: the two couples at Buddy's and Maria's wedding in 1958).

Mrs Maria Elena Holly has said through her solicitors that the book is unauthorised and could damage Holly's name, her reputation and the reputation of her company, the aptly titled "Holly Properties."

Not to be confused with the Holly Properties of Ocean City, NJ, through which you can purchase this delightful timber beach cottage

While Peggy Sue is lauding freedom of speech, Mrs Holly is proclaiming freedom of property. In a cease-and-desist letter, her lawyers state that Mrs Holly owns the rights to her husband's name, image, trade marks and other intellectual properties. Without consent to use Holly's name and image (which apparently will appear on the cover), the book is considered to be unauthorised (a branding which in itself can sometimes facilitate the success of a book rather than limit its circulation).
The legal team has asked for the promotion and sale of the book to end, the subtitle to be removed, and all book orders to be cancelled with refunds. Apparently they have also asked for an account of profits: "Confusion and tarnishment of Buddy Holly's name and Ms Holly's reputation are likely to result from this unauthorised book."
Importantly for her claims, Mrs Holly has been quoted as rejecting the stories as fabricated: "I don't understand why people do that, especially when she knows that people know the truth."

The IPKat wonders how far such protection can actually limit the publication of true memoirs. But Merpel says, much more to the point, "No amount of trade mark protection will help restore order after the lunacy of a double honeymoon."
Ah, if you knew Peggy Sue ...
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Anonymous said...

So, Mrs Holly is merchandising the character of her late husband. Does that make it a Holly hobby?

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