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The IPKat's eagle-eyed friend Janice Trebble (Saunders & Dolleymore) has just told him that she has received notice that the top-level domain for the United States Minor Outlying Islands (.um) is now accepting domain registrations. Comprised of a group of uninhabited islands in the Pacific Ocean and Caribbean, they include Midway and Wake Islands, and the Johnston Atoll. Adds Janice,
"I am sure your readers could come up with some good suggestions as to why a group of uninhabited islands would need a top-level domain and some interesting suggestions as to who might register there and why!! I suspect filthy lucre to be at the bottom of this....".
If you have any interesting, do please share them with the IPKat by posting a comment below or emailing him here.

Some facts and figures concerning the (nearly) uninhabited Outlying Islands here
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Anonymous said...

I thought .um was pulled in Jan 2007 because no-one was using it. Has something changed?

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