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Wednesday, 9 July 2008

Did MEPs vote to cut off copyright infringers' internet?

The Registry reports that Members of the European Parlioament (MEPs) may have accidentally included measures forcing ISPs to cut off internet access for those who infringe copyright through dowloading. The test calls for "cooperation" between ISPs and those "interested in the protection and promotion of lawful content". The trouble is, no one quite knows what "cooperation" means, including Malcolm Harbor, one of the MEPs responsible for the text. Today he said

"The interpretation ... is alarmist and scare-mongering and deflects from the intention which was to improve consumers' rights".
He has also promised to amend the text if it causes confusion.

The IPKat reckons that such vague language is an attempt to make everyone happy, which ultimately means that it will make no one happy. He also notes that it's not that hard to get and internet package and reckons that hardcore downloaders can probably find ways to get internet access, even if their original ISP cuts them off.

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