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Friday, 11 July 2008

Friday furnishings

As usual, the IPKat begs to remind you of the 'Forthcoming Events' feature, which you will find in the left-hand side-bar of this weblog's front page. It contains some fresh entries which you may not yet have seen. Don't forget to check them out.

Personal note: IPKat team member Jeremy owes a lot of people a lot of letters, both regarding the planned courses on How to Write Good IP and on research assistance for a forthcoming project. He's been so overwhelmed that he hasn't been able to write to everyone before going off for his summer holiday. It's only a week -- and he promises to get back to everyone when time permits, later this month. Oh -- before he goes, he can tell you that he has 'pre-posted' a small number of items that will appear on this weblog during his absence.

The IPKat has been nominated for one of the Computer Weekly Blog Awards for 2008 -- in the IT Law and Governance category. Voting continues throughout the month of July. If you think he's a deserving character and would like to vote for him -- or indeed if you'd like to vote for any of the other nominated blogs -- click here for a link to the Computer Weekly Blog Award site.

Last month the IPKat reported that Elizabeth Obisinya failed in her copyright infringement claim against writer and film-maker Sean Ellis, whose Cashback she believed he had copied from her own screen play of the same name. Faced with an order to pay £10,000 costs and to stop claiming that Ellis infringed her work, she now plans to appeal.

Stephen McClelland has emailed the IPKat to say that he has prepared a SlideShare presentation, 'Creative Content Online in the European Single Market'. He explains, "I am a publisher and support the International Institute of Communications, a non-profit membership organization that has just run a conference that featured this presentation. I think it is of considerable interest to anyone interested in E Commission copyright plans... " The slides illustrate a talk by Simona Martorelli, from the Information Society and Media Directorate General. Thanks, Stephen.

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