Sound Copyright - time to take action

The IPKat received the following email from the Sound Copyright campaign run by the Open Rights Group and would like his readers to know about it.

"Dear Sound Copyright supporters,

Many of you will have read in the last week that, as a result of intense lobbying, the EU Commission disregarded the balance of evidence and formally accepted the proposal to extend the duration of copyright for sound recordings. Writing in the UK press Dave Rowntree, the drummer from Blur, explained why this proposal would be damaging for Europe's creators and consumers. He hasn't been alone in voicing his concern:

[IPKat comment: and the IPKat, of course; see also here, here and here]

Fortunately, the battle isn't lost. You can help us campaign for a rational copyright policy in four ways.

>> How you can help 1:

We need more people to show their support. Over 12,500 people have signed our petition, so tell your friends and help us spread the word across Europe so that you can be heard in Brussels:

>> How you can help 2:

The full texts of the proposal and the relevant impact assessment are open for collaborative commenting. Please help us challenge their arguments and point out evidence that disproves their claims.

>> How you can help 3:

The UK Intellectual Property Office, the government body charged with ensuring balance and fairness in Intellectual Property, has asked the public and all those with an interest to make sure their voices are heard, and contact the UK-IPO by the end of August. Remember, always be polite and considered when explaining why term extension concerns you.

You can find out which government body in your country is responsible for intellectual property policy here:

>> How you can help 4:

Show your support for our work by joining or donating to the Open Rights Group. Check out for more information on our campaigns.

Thanks again - we'll keep you updated.

The Sound Copyright Campaign

Run by the Open Rights Group and EFF"
The IPKat encourages his readers to show their opposition to this proposal, and join it in whatever way they feel is most suited. Alternatively, you could try telling the IPKat why the Commission's proposals are justified, as he remains to be convinced.
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andy said...

My undergraduate dissertation looked at this issue. It could be worth a look if anyone is looking for some background info:

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