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Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Dr Seuss and the USPTO Application Exchange Programme

I have been contacted by an eminent member of the UK patent profession that the new application exchange programme at the USPTO (details here) where, in exchange for dropping an active case it is possible to accelerate another, is already known colloquially in the US as "drop one and swap one" or "dump one and bump one" (and variants thereof - see right). A quick poll amongst some of this member's colleagues has engendered the following additions:

  • Sink one and jinx one;
  • Toss one and boss one;
  • Bail one and nail one;
  • Yank one and bank one;
  • Chop one and pop one; and
  • Ditch one to stitch one.
and the favourite one so far is
  • SODOFF [ Save One, Ditch One, Forfeit Fees]
Can there be any more? I, the IPKat, and many members of the patent profession, would very much like to know.


Anonymous said...

Shaft one to graft one

Anonymous said...

Trash one to stash one

Anonymous said...

Swallow one to follow one

Anonymous said...

Screw one to do one

Anonymous said...

Lose one to cruise one

Anonymous said...

Boot one to shoot one

Anonymous said...

Kill one to thrill one

Anonymous said...

Flush one to rush one

Anonymous said...

Doom one to zoom one

IPBob said...

Throw one to show one

Arthur Sleep said...

Cook one to book one.

Anonymous said...

LOCO - lose one, claim one
WOOHOO - weed one out, help one out
YOYO - Yank one, Yoink one.

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