Another competition -- this time for the literary minded

Another competitition!  Fellow Kat Eleonora's friend and colleague Sophie Stalla-Bourdillon is already running this design-a-logo competition for The University of Southampton's iCLIC centre.  However, if your talents are more literary, there's a compose-a-limerick competition to go with it.  The challenge is to write a limerick that (i) begins with the line "A talented kitten called Kate" and (ii) is on the theme of intellectual property protection other than via the patent system.  The prize is complimentary registration, complete with a free lunch, at CLT's forthcoming conference -- "Intellectual Property: the 'no patents' round-up for non-techie people", organised by CLT and held in Central London on 29 October (for which further details are available here).  As usual the best entries will be posted on this weblog [a perpetual non-exclusive licence for this purpose would be appreciated].  Closing date for entries: close of play, Sunday 26 October.  Please send your entries to the IPKat at with the subject line "Limerick".  Multiple entries are permitted. If you are anxious not to be named as the author of a published limerick, do please let the Kats know in advance.

Merpel thinks this competition doesn't give people much time to enter, but the IPKat points out that most competition entries are received immediately before, or shortly after, the closing date, regardless of how much time is given for composing entries. That's humans for you!
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Anonymous said...

I seek guidance in the matter of how to persuade 'restitutio in integrum' to scan.
Further, I understand 'Limerick' to be a GI, where its outstanding quality and reputation in the field of verse is essentially attributable to being penned within 10 miles of the City of Limerick. Will infringing submissions be considered?

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