Is it Woodstock? Is it Jurassic Park? No, it's ... Fordham!

The IPKat's friend, scholar and inspiration Professor Hugh Hansen has just given him some wonderful news to share with his readers. 

Right: do senior members of the judiciary look like this to you? If so, try the Fordham cure

As many of you may know, the annual Fordham IP Conference is taking place this year in Cambridge, England -- the first time it has left the hallowed soil of Manhattan for the peripatetic pastures of Europe.  This year's dates are 15 and 16 April.  

For the benefit of the uninitiated, Fordham is a scary but exhilarating event.  There are lots of short and snappy sessions in which speakers' contributions are strictly limited and they are then forced to answer some sharp questions from the session's moderator and from the floor. Participants include leading lawyers, judges, academics (think Lord Hoffmann, Francis Gurry, Randall Rader, Robin Jacob, Graeme Dinwoodie, Justin Hughes, Reto Hilty, Tilman Lüder, Valentine Korah ...).  The IPKat (two of whose team members have had the pleasure of speaking in the past) says, it's a bit like Jurassic Park: you can actually walk among the dinosaurs and engage them in IP dialectic. Merpel says no, it's more a sort of IP fanatic's Woodstock.

The good news for IPKat readers is this: there's a 25% discount on the registration fee for every IPKat reader who is a first-time registrant.  To claim your discount email Alice Wong and put the reference "IPKat" at the top of your email. The online registration is not set up to accept anything but the stated fees, but don't panic -- an email to Alice will do the trick.

The IPKat hopes as many people as possible will attend this incredible event (so much so that he is even prepared to forgive the cardinal sin of using lightbulb imagery on Fordham's promotional literature). Fordham shares the same ideals as the IPKat -- publicising, popularising and demystifying intellectual property, warts and all, so that IP as a concept and a reality becomes more accessible to all. The registration fees are only there to cover the costs, so Hugh's offer to IPKat readers is warmly appreciated.

Conference website here
You can take a look at this year's outstanding programme here
Is it Woodstock? Is it Jurassic Park? No, it's ... Fordham! Is it Woodstock? Is it Jurassic Park? No, it's ... Fordham! Reviewed by Jeremy on Monday, March 23, 2009 Rating: 5

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  1. I don't know about the Woodstock analogy. I've been a die hard regular contributor and attendee for many years. Lots of first rank legal stars, yes. But I must have missed all the sex, drugs and rock and roll - or maybe there just wasn't any. I would rather compare it to the Metropolitan Opera, La Scala or the Bayreuth Festival.

    Tragically, the leading heldentenor, Sir Hugh Laddie, won't be there any more. But the show must and will go on.


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