Rooney: will his image rights income wax or wayne?

Impressed by Wayne Rooney's
 pay packet, the IPKat and Merpel
get into training
In "It never Waynes but it scores" the IPKat commented on this summer's Queen's Bench (England and Wales) ruling in Proactive Sports Management Ltd v Wayne Rooney, Coleen Rooney, Stoneygate 48 Ltd and Speed 9849 Ltd [2010] EWHC 1807 (QB). In that post it was revealed that the off-the-ball earnings of this talented but wayward footballer for the licensing of his image rights were a handsome £760,000 per month.

The IPKat wonders whether this remarkable sum is likely to fall somewhat, following reports that Rooney, whose lucrative playing contract with leading football club Manchester United still has 18 months to run, is strongly rumoured to be leaving the club; worse, he is strongly tipped by the popular press to be likely to move to the only club in the Premier League that can match his preposterous £250,000 a week wage demands -- United's deadly rival and much-hated near neighbour Manchester City.

The IPKat suspects that, for as long as Rooney is at odds with United and likely to be about to leave, sales of his United shirts, posters and other memorabilia are likely to dry up.  Meanwhile, until it is known which team (whether in England or wherever else expensive football is played) purchases the right to play him, it is hardly possible for him to promote himself and his merchandise in the colours of anyone else.  The Kat wonders what provisions, if any, protect the financial interests of his licensees against eventualities of this nature -- which happen frequently enough with footballers.  Are there standard clauses, or a boilerplate? Has Rooney given indemnities? We'd really love to know.

Merpel says, even if he's not attached to any football team, Rooney can still exploit his own image in an unbranded manner -- if he doesn't mind going naked.  The IPKat says, I don't think he's scared shirtless by the prospect ...

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  1. Rooney may be good at selling a dummy, but who'd want to buy a dummy?

  2. @Anonymous 10:31

    Rooney a dummy? He (or his business advisers) seem to have played their hand brilliantly. I just feel sorry for all the kids who support ManU and have cupboards full of Rooney stuff now that he's preparing to desert them.

  3. Rooney has already presumably lost some Coca Cola sponsorship money

    Is this why the sparkle seems to have gone out of his game?


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