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Forthcoming events: you can check the IPKat's list for some exciting seminars, conferences, talks and other social get-togethers if you visit his special page here.  Urgent reminder for anyone seeking a listing for their event: it must be incorporated in their email in a form in which it can be quickly understood and, ideally, cut-and-pasted.  The Kat is so deluged with emails that he can't fiddle around with attachments from which the relevant data has to be carefully culled.  Thanks!

What are French fries, but French
friends without the 'nd'?

A couple of the IPKat's French friends have written to ask him if he knows of, or can recommend, a study or analysis that addresses the procedural aspects of Community trade mark opposition proceedings (including such vital topics as deadlines, timings, formal requirements, "traps, tips and tricks").  They add: The OHIM Guidelines are a starter -- but we are looking for something more practical as we would like to have a global view of all the formal aspects which must be taken into accounts and not forgotten when brining a Community opposition -- whether in attack or in defence".  Offhand this Kat can't think of anything other than the usual textbooks and reference works that cover Community trade marks, so he thought he'd ask his readers if they had any ideas.  Please do get in touch if you can help!

WIPO, WIPD, scams and demands for money.  The happy news that the WIPO lookalike scam site WIPD has changed its logo for a less confusing one (noted here) has blunted neither the IPKat's interest in the subject nor the World Intellectual Property Organization's concern.  Says a spokesperson for the Organization:
“Fraudulent requests for payment of fees come in many forms, including documents made to appear as if they are official WIPO communications. Unfortunately, even crude fakes can find their mark with people who are busy or inexperienced. If you come across one of these requests, therefore, please report it to WIPO, using our scam warning and fake invoices contact form, so that we can take action to help protect our community of users.”
Meanwhile, the IPKat has learned from impeccable sources that on 23 January Česká televize (a Czech TV channel) ran a feature on WIPO’s efforts to get the WIPD operation closed down: one beneficial side effect of this is that it has been helpful in further exposing the scam, thus warning potential victims. The programme is said to have included an interview with Dr Koutna, director of the Marks Department of the Industrial Property Office of the Czech Republic, which showed that the Czech authorities are actively engaged with WIPO on this.  Incidentally, Česká televize's reporters tried to track down the “entrepreneur” at the firm's address in Prague, which they found to be only a rental office, where no one had any contact details. Nor could they find anyone at the permanent residence address. Nb the IPKat's Competition closes on 6 February.  Details can be found here here.  Most of the entries so far have had to be disqualified on the grounds of blatant criminality!

Jiminy: not a
real cricketer
That cricket team! Names for "The CIPA, ITMA and CIPA Informals Cricket Club" have been coming in from various quarters. As a sort of acronym, Maarten Giesen recommends "Ch I C I - Cri C" [can you work it out for yourselves?] which, he suggests, might be pronounced "chicky-crick" or "cheeky-crick", while Bob Sacoff has proffered the IPKrickets.  Meanwhile the IPKat has also received offers to play matches against him, for which he is ill-equipped.  Richard Lloyd of Legal Business magazine (owned by Legalease, of Legal 500 fame) is rumoured to be already practising his sledging techniques.

Following the recent report on the Galileo trade mark dispute (here), the IPKat was not surprised to hear from that distinguished Irish bard Tony McStea, who recalled the lyrics of Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody, in which Galileo receives a mention.  With a nod to the late Freddie Mercury, Tony writes:
Freddie Mercury
"I see a little tiny semblance of a mark
Justice Floyd, Justice Floyd, please don't make our hopes bang go
Navigation sightings really are delighting me
Galileo, Galileo,go figure-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh
I'm just a poor mark, nobody used me
He's just a poor mark, from a poor family!
Spare him his life, but restricted should be
Regi come, regi go, please don't let me go
Commission, No! We will not let him go
Let him go!
Commision, No! We will not let him go
Let him go!
Will not let him go!
Will not let him go!
Will not let him go!
No! No! No! No! No! No!
E Commission! E Commission! E Commission! He won't go!
Bai-L, E flubbed, when appeal allowed just partially - tially - tiallyeeeeeeeeeee"
Personally, the Kat considers that by far the best version of Bohemian Rhapsody is this one -- even though it might be considered to infringe the rights of some celebrated footballers past and present.

What is the impact of unregulated
IP practitioners and consultants
on the creative sector?
Around the blogs.  Recent additions to the MARQUES Class 46 writing team include Pedro Malaquias (Portugal) and Niamh Hall (Ireland), thus increasing the scope of its coverage of European trade mark developments; other recent recruits to Class 46 are Benedetta Cordovado (covering OHIM's Boards of Appeal) and Marjut Alhonnoro (Finland).  PatLit is hoping for some debate on the legitimacy, expediency and morality of expecting a litigant to pay damages for infringing a patent which is subsequently held to be invalid (here).  SOLO IP wants to know your thoughts about the impact of unregulated IP consultants and practitioners on the regular IP professions and on clients (here).

The IPKat is informed by his Australian friend Rebecca Dimaridis that Wednesday was Australia Day. Rebecca also asked the IPKat to inform his readers of some fundraising on behalf of those in Queensland who are affected by the floods. Rebecca is sure that there are many people out there particularly ex-pat [that's 'expatriate', not 'expired patent'] Aussies who, like her, feel like they should be physically doing something to help. Well, here is your chance!
Just another everage Aussie ...
• Come along on Tuesday 15 February to Bloomsbury Bowling Lanes. The line-up includes bowling, foos-ball, karaoke, pool, ping pong, and DJ. All activities are FREE and unlimited with ticket entry this link. The event starts at 7.00pm. You can also RSVP to the event on Facebook here - invite your mates!
• If bowling and other the fun doesn't take your fancy, donations can be made here.
• Donate a prize for the raffle, officially support the event, promote the event in your newsletters or pass on details about the event to contacts at media outlets or to any contacts we can approach for donations etc.
Anyone that can help in terms of prizes/sponsorship etc or would like to help in any other way can contact Rebecca at help is much appreciated!
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  1. Re: helping on OHIM issues, I know that "A Users Guide to Trade Marks and Passing-Off" is coming out in its third edition later this year. If they can wait perhaps that would suit.

    Perhaps in the interests of justice/info, we should collectively set up a trade marks wiki

  2. May be the manual can help too


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