"Win the game or lose the plot?"

"Let's Blow Up Parliament!" is a great concept, Guy, but are you
sure -- are you really sure -- that it's not been done before?"
"Win the game or lose the plot?" is the title of a forthcoming seminar on the copyright aspects of plots, themes and formats.  This topic has been inspired by recent litigation on both sides of the Atlantic on the "Harry Potter and the Stolen Story" litigation brought by the estate of Adrian Jacobs ("Willie the Wizard") against JK Rowling and her allies, by the recent re-emergence of format right protection -- which, we hear, has just been accorded copryight status in Brazil -- and by some fresh spats over computer games.

This seminar, which runs on 9 March, is hosted by Hardwicke, in its congenial den in Londonn's historical Lincoln's Inn.  It has a half-day structure (11am to 3pm), to allow locals to check their emails before attending and to give non-locals more travel time so they don't have to leave home in the dark.  The cast of speakers is unusual in that it has no fewer than three Kats on parade: Jeremy, Birgit and Annsley.  The full programme runs like this:
* Fact and fiction: recent UK case law on protecting plots (Mark Engelman, Hardwicke)
* Protecting computer games and business programs: is it possible? (Shireen Peermohamed, Harbottle & Lewis)
* Music themes (Nick Kounoupias, DHM Stallard)
* Plots, themes and formats - a US overview (Annsley Merelle Ward, Collyer Bristow)
* How do other countries handle these problems? (Rebecca Dimaridis, Jeffrey Green Russell)
* If copyright won’t provide protection, what of other IP rights? (Birgit Clark, Berwin Leighton Paisner)
Jeremy Phillips (IP consultant, Olswang LLP) will be in the chair, among other places.

The event carries three whole CPD points and, inclusive of a tasty lunch and VAT at the new rate of 20%, still costs just £70.  For further details and registration click here or email Lisa Pick.  You can even phone Lisa on +44 20 7242 2523.  Since previous Hardwicke half-day seminars have turned out to be very popular, early booking is advised.
"Win the game or lose the plot?" "Win the game or lose the plot?" Reviewed by Jeremy on Friday, January 28, 2011 Rating: 5


  1. this would be very interesting, if i got time i definetely take part because i'm in london for bussiness

  2. It seems to be very interesting seminar as it based on the series of the Harry Potter..i.e. "Harry Potter and the Stolen Story"...So, I am very excited for this seminar..really

  3. A fabulous event ... will the Kats report on what the presenters have to say on their respective issues, or may there even be a podcast of the event(for a fee, of course) - for the benefit of those of us who have a keen interest in copyright and authorship, but can't travel to London due to work commitments (and the long distance to London..)?

  4. @Thorsten -- I don't know about a podcast, but certain Kats have made huge efforts to speed-blog conferences and seminars they attend and post in real time, or at least get them written up very quickly when they get home. And that's without a fee ...

  5. @Jeremy - thank you, Jeremy (apologies for the very late acknowledgement of your very helpful comment). I'll keep my eyes peeled on the blog(s)!!

  6. I work in Edinburgh and would very much like to have attended this event, may I also enquire about a podcast?

    Paul Motion, Partner, BTO Solicitors


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