URGENT: call for lookalikes -- can you help?

The IPKat's friend, Simmons & Simmons partner and MARQUES stalwart David Stone, is in urgent need of assistance and this Kat hopes that everyone will rally round to help him.  David writes:
"You may recall a workshop I gave at the MARQUES annual meeting in Brighton, using genuine and lookalike products to try to demonstrate the importance of an overall approach to filing Community trade marks and registered Community designs [This Kat well remembers the workshop: it was brilliant. If he hadn't known all the answers to the workshop problems beforehand, he thinks he might have got one or two of them wrong ...]. You kindly wrote about it for JIPLP [whose publisher Oxford University Press kindly made this piece available to non-subscribers here].
In preparation for the INTA Roundtable inAmsterdam this Thursday, 14 March 2013, I sent the box of shampoos, beverages, handwash etc (collected over a period of 10 years) to our Amsterdam office, together with a short letter explaining that the items were for legal training, and that were all genuine. 
Sorry? They
should be!
Royal Mail in its wisdom has seized and destroyed the entire box of product.  They say that the P&G FEBREZE and Reckitt Benckiser AIRWICK sprayers are "dangerous goods".  Are any of your readers able to lend or give me similar items for use in Amsterdam? The roundtable is going ahead as planned - I just need to source some products. I'm particularly keen to replace the Reckitt Benckiser sprayer which, like most of the other products, is no longer available".

Do please help David if you can.  David's collection of look-alikes was not only impressive but had huge didactic value.  If you can help, please email David at david.stone@simmons-simmons.com

If you can't help but know someone who can, please forward this post or retweet the tweet which announces this item to Kat followers.
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  1. Why should the Royal Mail be sorry? Their web-site is quite clear in its listing of prohibited goods.

    Aerosols including spray paints, lacquers, solvents, air fresheners, oven cleaners, deodorants, body sprays, hair sprays, shaving and hair removal creams.

    It is quite amusing that a solicitor preaching the dangers of counterfeits ignores rules for the protection of Royal Mail employees.

  2. Hey, Anonymous of 18:33, that's not very nice. No-one said the products were loaded. We are talking about lawyers after all - I bet if they had any look-alike alcohol they'd have drunk it before using the bottle and the get-up for seminars.

  3. Especially since, if going to Amsterdam, they were likely to travel by an aircraft, and then therefore be subject to requirements on flammable goods travelling as air cargo.


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