Thanks again!

Now that the IPKat's Tenth Birthday party's over, the guests and active participants have returned to their day-jobs and the remains of the last accidentally trampled canapé have been carefully scraped from the carpet in readiness for the next reception, it's time for a few further thank-yous.

First, gratitude is expressed to those generous souls who presented this Kat with various items of mammalian memorabilia (books, postcards, maneki-nekos and the like): he can't thank you all personally since some came unsigned, but the thought behind these little gifts is very much appreciated.

Secondly, the IPKat thanks the ancillary staff at Allen & Overy LLP for working so hard to keep the event running smoothly. Adam the sound technician, together with the squad of well-trained waiters, waitresses, door-hold-openers and cloakroom staff -- your unobtrusive efficiency was a credit to you.

Thirdly, our gratitude is extended to the hundreds of registrants who played their part too, by leaving (as far as possible) no-one alone and without company during the break and the reception, and for brazenly introducing themselves to some of the celebrities present, regardless of the latter's status and temperament.

Finally, thanks to our online readers, without whom there would never have been much point the IPKat and Merpel perserving.  We're thrilled to announce that today, so nearly on the tenth anniversary of this blog's birth, we have welcomed our five millionth visitor to the website.  You are truly welcome, whoever you are, and we hope to be able to serve you and your fellow members of the IP community for many a long year to come.


And now for an apology: several of yesterday's speakers have asked for a little time to revise their PowerPoint presentations in the light of yesterday's discussions and their consequent afterthoughts, so please be patient with us while this process takes place.  The PowerPoints will be posted soon, as will be news of when the recording of the seminar will be available.
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  1. Having chanced upon Ipkat expecting the subject to be mind numbingly dull stuff I stand corrected. Its always a thought provoking and amusing read. Congratulation and thanks.

  2. This blog is my staple eversince I came to know of it. It is my brain teaser, my teacher and my very own guide. It keeps me abreast with the latest happenings around the world. A MEGA thank you IPkat for being around, and in helping me learn my favourite patents law in a mighty fun way.

  3. mammalian memorabilia
    LOL - hilarious like always

    Congratulations to THE IP Kat.

  4. Congratulations Jeremy! Keep running this great blog for another decade at least. And I promise to come for the 20 birthday in person :)


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