A Milestone: IPKat's 10,000th Post!

The IPKat has surpassed 10,000 posts on the wonders and frustrations of intellectual property law and practice (this post makes it 10,001).  That makes our blogging rate, since the IPKat's birth in 2003, about 800 posts a year or a post every 11 hours.  Without the support, encouragement and criticism of our wonderful readers, our blogging team (past, present, GuestKats and contributors) and the generators of IP subject matter, laws and decisions, there would be no IPKat.  We could not have done it without you.  The IPKat looks forward to serving our readers and the IP community for years to come.

In celebration, the IPKat agreed to sit for the AmeriKat for his first ever watercolor portrait.  Throughout the sitting the IPKat could not stop smiling at the achievements of the entire IPKat team and its readers over the past 13 years....

A big, fuzzy Kat hug from all of us on the IPKat team!  But not Merpel.  Merpel does not do hugs...

The IPKat on the occasion of his 10,000th post © 2016 Annsley Merelle Ward

A Milestone: IPKat's 10,000th Post! A Milestone: IPKat's 10,000th Post! Reviewed by Annsley Merelle Ward on Tuesday, March 29, 2016 Rating: 5


  1. Congratulations on Post no. 10,000 -- but it's not the 10,000th post! Some earlier posts are no longer extant.

    At least two of my earlier posts were deleted by fellow Kats who cannibalised my text and produced substantially better versions. Several other once-live posts no longer appear following anxieties on the part of their authors, guest Kats or guest bloggers, that they would either lose their jobs or be sued on account of them. Another casualty was a blogpost that seemed fine to me but which was deleted by its author on the ground that it was boring ...

  2. Very true Jeremy! It would be more correct to say 10,000 published (and continued to be published) posts. I think I deleted one of my posts summarizing a trade mark decision of Briggs J on the grounds it was too boring.

  3. The Cat That Walks By HimselfTuesday 29 March 2016 at 22:36:00 GMT+1

    Thank you for the posts that rescued me many times with IP news and useful links, often in last minute.

    And for IP Art and IP ideas ....

  4. How many if we do not count the "never too late" retreads...?


  5. What ever is the correct number, CONGRATULATIONS are clearly in order. Well done, kittykats!


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