Wednesday whimsies

The Law Society, England and Wales, is advertising vacancies on its Committees. One of these is the Intellectual Property Committee, which has no fewer than four vacancies to fill. If you are an "exceptional solicitor" who will join "a talented team to oversee important decisions about the Law Society's policy on matters of legal policy", do be sure to apply by 1700 GMT on Friday 19 March.

Digital skills. This Kat has been informed that the United Kingdom's House of Lords published its digital skills report on Monday.  The report -- full name Make or Break: The UK's Digital Future -- and all the documents surrounding it can be accessed via the Digital Skills Committee's web page here.

Fordham 2015 open for registration. The Fordham IP Institute's 23rd Annual Conference on Intellectual Property Law and Policy takes place this year in Cambridge, England, on 8 and 9 April.  This Kat has just been informed that it's now open for registration, so get a move on and click here to sign up for the most exciting and, if you are invited to speak, potentially scary event you are likely to experience.

A Kat, live and in colour! Yesterday fellow Kat Eleonora was telling the European Parliament all about copyright and the possibilities for establishing open norms for copyright in Europe.  Today, in "Towards a New Legislation on Intellectual Property in the Digital Single Market", you can enjoy her wise words on YouTube here.

Copyright in fragrances.  The IPKat's joint seminar with BLACA last week was great fun. Sadly Sergio Balañá Vicente could not be there to join us, but he has sent us three items which he has written on this very subject: (i) in English: Book review: Fehlbaum, P. "Les creations du domaine de la parfumerie: quelle protection?" GRUR Int. 3 Heft, 2009, p. 270 (here); (ii) in French: "L'industrie du parfum à l'assault du droit d'auteur... ¿fumus boni iuris?" Propriétés Intellectuelles nº 16, 2005, p. 254 (here); (iii) in Spanish: "La protección del perfume por el derecho de autor. Comentario a la sentencia de la Cour d'Appel de Paris de 25 de enero de 2006 en el caso L'Oréal c. Bellure" pe.i. Revista de Propiedad Intelectual, nº 22, 2006, p. 107 (here).  Thanks so much, Sergio!
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  1. "Sadly Sergio Balañá Vicente could be there to join us." Catty!

  2. Whoops! Thanks, Anonymous -- text duly amended.


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