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The EPO Boards of Appeal have issued a Notice on accelerating proceedings in light of the potential need for accelerated proceedings in view of the now operational Unified Patent Court (UPC). The notice sets out the criteria for requesting accelerated appeal proceedings at the EPO: 

The conditions for accelerating proceedings are set out in Article 10(3) to (6) of the Rules of Procedure of the BoA (RPBA).

1. If a party requests acceleration under Article 10(3) RPBA, they shall cite their reasons for doing so, so that the board can take a discretionary decision on the matter. One valid reason for acceleration is that infringement or revocation proceedings, in respect of the same underlying patent, are pending before a national court, other competent authority in an EPC contracting state, or the UPC. The board shall inform the parties of its decision.

2. A national court, other competent authority in an EPC contracting state, or the UPC may request acceleration of appeal proceedings under Article 10(4) RPBA, without providing a specific reason. As a rule, the board will grant such requests. The board shall inform the requesting court or authority, as well as the parties, of its decision, which may include the date of oral proceedings if foreseen.

In other EPO news, amended Articles 13(2), 15(1) and 15(9)(b) of the Rules of Procedure of the Boards of Appeal (RPBA) entered into force on 1 January 2024. Full details here

As announced by CIPA at the start of the year, Matt Dixon has succeeded Daniel Chew as CIPA president. Mr Dixon's s priorities are: "promoting the work of UK-based Chartered Patent Attorneys before the Unified Patent Court to clients and stakeholders around the world; supporting the work of the intellectual property regulator (IPReg) and the UK Intellectual Property Office, and supporting the work to promote diversity and inclusion in the patent profession". 

The government is considering changes to how foreign record labels and foreign recording artists qualify for rights to be paid when their music is broadcast or played in public. The UKIPO has launched a new consultation seeking views from anyone who could be affected.


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