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Wednesday, 27 July 2005


Alterations to the CTM Implementing Regulation entered into force on Monday (25 July).

Main changes include:
*Graphical representation – for colours per se, designating a colour code is optional and it will be possible to file electronic representations of sounds.
*Dividing applications will be possible.
*The opposition procedure has been reframed.
*The transfer fee will be abolished.
*Changes to the conditions under which licences need to be recorded.
*Clarification of the new-style conversion procedure.
*Clarification that OHIM has a choice between fax and post for notification
*Documents except decisions subject to appeal will be sent by ordinary mail.
*Postal strikes except for those in Spain will become irrelevant to deadlines.
*Professional representatives need not file an authorisation as per current OHIM practice.
*Continuation of proceedings past unobserved time limits becomes possible.
*The formalities for renewal are reduced to the minimum.

The IPKat says that these all sound like sensible ways of making life easier for OHIM users – good stuff!


Anonymous said...

Can you please kindly tell a bit more about the first change as to graphical representaion for colors per se , designating colour code

Ilanah said...

The change amends r.3 para.5 of the Implementing Regs as follows:

‘5. Where registration in colour is applied for, the
representation of the mark under paragraph 2 shall
consist of the colour reproduction of the mark. The
colours making up the mark shall also be indicated
in words and a reference to a recognized colour code
may be added.

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