The iPod flea. What would the Beetles have said?

The IPKat is still chuckling at this highly humorous spoof advertisement, via Adrants, for the iPod Flea, an MP3 player so small that it can play a repertoire of just one song over and over again for an hour. The point is not that it's a funny ad but that, on the assumption that it has not been sanctioned by Apple (and that's a big assumption in the eyes of this suspicious Kat), the best policy for dealing with this unauthorised use of the iconic iPod trade mark is to sit back and laugh at it. Apple would look so very sad if it rushed to court. In any event, can it be seriously maintained that this sort of use -- even if unwanted -- causes any meaningful damage?
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Vindex said...

Of course Apple should sue. If you let one guy come along and make a fool of your trade mark, how long will it be before everyone's doing it? Macdonalds might have thought MacJobs wouldn't hurt, but it's a bit of an embarrassment now, isn't it?

Anonymous said...

Whoever said Apple should sue must surely be a lawyer.

Anonymous said...

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