1 Consolidated blog

The IPKat has just stumbled across Legislating IP, a US-based intellectual property law blog compiled by a team of eight bloggers: their stated mission is "to consolidate available information concerning copyright, trade mark and patent legislation in the Courts, in Congress and throughout the United States". It looks rather good.

2 WIPO mag

The May/June issue of the World Intellectual Property Organization's WIPO Magazine has just reached the IPKat. It contains rather more column space on the 5th Annual Intellectual Property Day than most publications were prepared to give it. There's also some reassuring text concerning the value of copyright to the entertainment industries of India and Argentina respectively.

3 Euro-counterfeiting

The European Commission's Official Journal , L185, carries the text of Council Decision 2005/511/JHA of 12 July 2005 on protecting the euro against counterfeiting, by designating Europol as the Central Office for combating euro counterfeiting. The IPKat, keen credit-card carrier and internet shopper that he is, has almost forgotten what real currency looks like -- and that's the problem: consumer recognition of fake currency is likely to diminish when it becomes less frequently used.
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