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2 Gnews from Germany

It appears from Markenbusiness that Google has ceased allocating new Gmail email addresses in Germany, in the wake of a protracted legal dispute with Daniel Giersch, the owner of the trade mark ‘Gmail…und die Post geht richtig ab’. After Giersch obtained injunctive relief against Google in May, the US search mammoth has renamed its email service Googlemail. Existing holders of Gmail email addresses are not apparently affected.

3 That Software Directive again

The IPKat has received this today from Andrea Glorioso:

"I agree with your statement that "What WAS needed [...] is something that enables national patent offices around the European Union to identify the same inventions as being patentable or non-patentable". I think you know that what FFII, and all organizations that helped it in the lobbying process against pro-swpat proponents, actually wanted was the approval of the proposed directive with the added "Rocard amendments". This would achieved the objective to have a coherent legislation on patents, while at the same time not allowing patents on software and pure information processing.

The fact that in the end the MEP groups that were pro-swpat voted against the directive is in my opinion - and not only in my opinion - a sign that pro-swpat interests *feared* the potential outcome that I depicted above, and in the end preferred having no rule rather than a rule against their interests (which in my opinion are not the interests of the European software industry). Now it will be crucial to analyse what the next steps will be. I suspect will see a lot of "behind the scenes" manouvering, even though the Commission said it won't repropose the same directive again".

Many thanks, Andrea, for this thoughtful coda.

4 The security situation

The IPKat emerges unscathed from his bomb-proof shelter

The Royal Courts of Justice have been closed today, for security reasons. Normal judicial functions are expected to resume on Monday 11 July, bombs permitting. While on this subject, the IPKat has been touched by kind expressions of concern from visitors to this blog from IP enthusiasts all over the world. Thanks so much for your emails and for your good wishes.

5 Scientologists drop case at 11th hour

One of Europe's longest-running and most fiercely contested copyright soap operas has reached a premature end, according to news on The Register that the Church of Scientology has dropped its copyright infringement claim against writer Karin Spaink, who hyperlinked to documents from the Church of Scientology concerning its doctrines.

The Church of Scientology commenced proceedings in 1995 to prevent publication of the disputed material. The Dutch Supreme Court was due to deliver its ruling tomorrow. Some of the earlier litigation has been reported in English in Sweet & Maxwell's bimonthly European Copyright and Design Reports.

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Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Scientology case has not yet ended as yet. Scientology wants to end the case, but the defendants claim that quitting the case in such a late stadium (which appears to be a frequently used scientology strategy)is not very decent, to put it mildly, and may even be a violation of procedural law. Case is postponed, Supreme Court will decide about the withdrawal of scientology in August.

Jeremy said...

Thanks for the comment on the Scientology saga. I didn't realise that the courts in the Netherlands could continue to hear a case once the party bringing it had decided to call a halt.

I wonder if that's also the case in other countries.

Jeremy said...

... and thanks for posting the link to the Gnu Song. It was those very lyrics that inspired my choice of headline Gnews from Germany.

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