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Tuesday, 5 July 2005


In a somewhat irreverent blog on Sunday, the IPKat discussed the IP implications of the copyright and trade mark implications of the UK’s choice of logo for its period of presidency of the EU. Now he reports, thanks to a helpful page on the Patent Office website, on IP policy priorities during this period:

* Facilitating the adoption of a directive on patentability of computer-implemented inventions and progress the expected Commission proposal on collective management of IPRs [the IPKat predicts rocky roads ahead on this one]

* Making progress towards a more cost-effective and up-to-date IPR regime in Europe. This includes work on improvement of the patent system, and the organisation of a conference on IPR and creative sectors [the IPKat isn’t sure what this means. It sounds like it could involve fundamental reform though – do any of his readers know anything about this?]

* To secure adoption of the proposed Regulation on compulsory licensing of patents relating to the manufacture of pharmaceutical products for export to countries with public health problems [the IPKat thinks this sounds very worthy – more power to its proponents]
UK Presidency HQ here


Gallus Anonymous said...

"Making progress towards a more cost-effective and up-to-date IPR regime in Europe."
= "Making progress towards no fair use, more rights to Holywood and update of the european IPR regime as it is in the US"

Anonymous said...

is the updating of ipr as it is in the US a major problem? the infringers seem to do just as well over there as they do on this side of the atlantic.

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