WIPO is good

The IPKat is grateful to James Heald for pointing him in the direction of a new page on the WIPO website which provides links to publicly available sources of national, regional and international intellectual property case law. The IPKat says well done WIPO for making IP jurisprudence easier to access.

WIPO isn't bad

Good news for WIPO Director General Kamil Idris. Ernst and Young have completed an investigation into allegations of certain irregularities at WIPO. While a number of recommendations for reform were made, the report stated :
"we cannot conclude that certain employees of WIPO and third parties concerned might have committed any fraud or dishonest acts."
The IPKat hopes all concerned will get on with doing the best for IP.
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Anonymous said...

This doesn't mean that WIPO isn't bad. It means that Ernst & Young haven't found the evidence.

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