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Monday, 11 December 2006

Does anyone know? Malta goes for the PCT

Does anyone know?

A frustrated reader has emailed the IPKat in despair, in the hope of finding out when the European Court of Justice is likely to give its ruling in Case 48/05 Adam Opel (the facts and Advocate General's opinion are noted by the IPKat here). The Kat hasn't the faintest clue, and nor has Merpel. If any reader of this blog does know, can he either post the answer below or email the IPKat here.

Malta goes for the PCT

By PCT Notification No. 182 the Republic of Malta has indicated its accession to the Patent Cooperation Treaty. The PCT, which facilitates international patent filing, will enter into force there on 1 March 2007.

Left: The Maltese Patent Office (if only ...)

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