IP Masters online? 2007 comes early for ETMR; Copinger supplement now released

IP Masters online?

One of the IPKat's friends, now in Australia, has emailed him to ask if he can recommend a good Intellectual Property LLM course that can be studied online. Having no personal experience of any such courses himself, the Kat asks: if anyone reading this post knows of such a course and can recommend it, can he or she please email him here and let him know.

2007 comes early for ETMR

The January 2007 issue of Sweet & Maxwell's monthly series, the European Trade Mark Reports, has now been published, nearly three weeks ahead of schedule. Unusually, this case features no cases from continental Europe, though it does have some significant decisions from the UK and, for Community trade marks, from the Court of First Instance and OHIM.

Leading decisions in this issue include L'Oréal v Bellure (the smell-alike perfume trade mark ruling of Mr Justice Lewison), as well as the UK Trade Mark Registry decision of David Landau in EINSTEIN on the status of third party use of an opponent's earlier trade mark: does use that the proprietor of the earlier mark has not objected to count as his own use?

Copinger supplement now released

Amidst all the fuss about whether the duration of protection for sound recordings and performers' rights in the UK should be extended, the First Supplement to Copinger and Skone James on Copyright (15th edition) has been released. Penned by the Hogarth Chambers pairing of barristers Gillian Davies and Gwilym Harbottle, the release is current to 31 July 2006 - in other words, pretty up-to-date.

Left: this striking image accompanies the Fairfield University notice on copyright resources

It's in paperback format and, at more than 400 pages, is yours for just £125 [Merpel notes that this price is "inclusive of VAT". But aren't books zero-rated for value added tax?]. The IPKat says, it's nice to see Gillian's name so closely associated with copyright again, after her long tour of duty in the European Patent Office.

Full details of the First Supplement here.
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  1. There is an excellent online Master's degree at the University of Edinburgh. See the LL.M Innovation, technology and the Law


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