Budweiser to be buddy for Lipitor

The Lipitor Scorecard is a popular feature of IP scholar and strategist Duncan Bucknell's website. It charts the state of progress - and eventually the result - of the disputes between Ranbaxy and Pfizer over the Lipitor patent in 16 separate jurisdictions. Well, now that Duncan has established the concept, he's looking for a bigger challenge. Having learned from the IPKat that Anheuser-Busch and Budejovicky Budwar have been slugging it out in some 40 countries for the right to control the use of the talismanic word BUDWEISER, he'd like to compose a Budweiser Scorecard too.

To this end, the IPKat - who does not have a complete list himself but who does have a readership from around the world - asks readers to contact Duncan with details of the Budweiser battle(s) that have taken place in their own jurisdictions. Please email Duncan here if you can help, and tell him the IPKat sent you. Then, once Duncan has done all the hard work, we can sit back and read it ...
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Anonymous said...

It's fun, but I'm afraid I wouldn't describe it as a scorecard. In fact, Sir, under the State Law of Illinois I put it to you that you've "tortuously interfered with my business expectancy" to describe it as such.

What's the score, Duncan ? Is it 7-1; 120 all out; 68-64; 6 love, 6 love, 6 love; don't tell us we have to work it out for ourselves.

He may find the Budweiser task a little harder since most of their disputes end in 'score draws' don't they ?

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