Securitisation of IP rights - an update

Has it really gone all quiet on the IP securitisation front? After the flurry of activity at the beginning of the year (see IPKat posts here and here), and not a little controversy, readers may have felt that everyone is now sleeping soundly and that the problem of striking a balance between the protection of lenders who take IP security for their loans, and IP owners/licensees whose interests in using the IP must be taken care of, has simply evaporated - if there ever was a problem.

Right: the IPKat keeps a watchful eye on his collateralised IP rights

But things have been happening behind the scenes. Last month the International Trademark Association, a body that represents trade mark owners' interests, published its own lengthy and carefully thought-out thought-out position paper, Recordal of Security Interests in Trademarks. Also, following the January Colloquium in Vienna at which it at one time seemed that war was about to break out, UNICTRAL is now working closely with an ad hoc group of concerned IP experts, coordinated by Lorin Brennan (Gray Matter) with assistance from too many organisations and individuals to mention conveniently here, to finalise a note on future work that remains to be done before UNCITRAL's Legislative Guide can come to fruition. The IPKat just wants to say "well done" to the many individuals who, working on their respective sides, have taken such a constructive part in improving the economic environment for IP-based borrowers and lenders alike.

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  1. Just as a matter of clarification, the "position paper" published by INTA last month is actually a Board Resolution of INTA's Board of Directors, passed on March 21, 2007, pursuant to a request for action by INTA's Security Interests Subcommittee, which I have the honor of chairing. The purpose of the resolution is to communicate INTA's views regarding "best practices" for recordal of security interests. That being said, I would like to thank the IPKat for characterizing our small contribution to this issue as "carefully thought-out."


    Thilo C. Agthe

  2. Thilo - thanks for your clarification.


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