Le lapin dans le chapeau de M. McCreevy

Following the IPKat's recent post about European Commissioner Charlie McCreevy's final push for a Community patent, the IPKat can exclusively reveal that, contrary to what he has said, there will be at least one surprising rabbit pulled out of the hat when Mr McCreevy announces his plans this week.

A spokeswoman for the Commission, Avril Pecheur, says,
"The Commission's proposal for the Community patent, after extensive consultation with the governments of the EU, will result in a single patent covering all the EU member states, and in a single language: French. There will be no need for translations. There will also be a new industrial property court based at the heart of the Union in Strasbourg. We believe that this will resolve all the outstanding issues over the currently over-complicated state of the European patent system".

The IPKat is already arranging his French lessons in preparation for when this happens.

Merpel says, "Où est mon poisson, Avril?"
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The IP Dog said...

"Avril Pecheur" rather obviously gives the game away. The best efforts are ones that are just about believable!!!

David said...

I don't know what you mean. What game?

Jeremy said...

Dear IP Dog - the point is this. Most English readers of the IPKat weblog are famously and notoriously monolingual. To them, 'Avril Pecheur' gives away nothing at all. Those readers who read and speak French are probably so cunning that nothing can fool them anyway (in particular the French, who were clever enough to avoid being stuck with the Olympic Debts for 2012, remember).

The IP Dog said...

I doubt that the readers are that monolingual. Most will have at least done a basic GSCE or O-level French during which Poisson d'avril is most certaintly covered. I think you judge your readers too harshly!!!
We're more educated than you think. Bet you most people would not just know what Avril means but also what droit d'auteur means as well.

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