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Thursday, 5 April 2007

Sharpen up with the INTA

If you're looking for a way of sharpening up your trade mark skills, or just want to impress your friends by talking the language of trade marks with a slightly American accent, then this Student Course on International Trademark Law in Chicago on 28 and 29 April is for you:

"INTA’s Annual Meeting offers a one-credit course on International Trademark Law and Practices for its student members, young practitioners and other interested attendees (only students are eligible to receive credit). This accredited two day course, taught by professors and practitioners of trademark law from various jurisdictions around the world, is designed for students interested in the practice of trademark law, and presents a comparative analysis of trademark laws and various international and regional treaties. To register for the course, please contact Michele Bridges, associate director of the Center for Intellectual Property, at The John Marshall Law School, at +1-312-427-2737 or".
Although he's not involved in teaching it, IPKat co-bloggie Jeremy can testify to the huge amount of effort that INTA is putting into trade mark training through this course, in terms of content, presentation and quality control. The course, which has a very reasonable registration fee of just US$650, is conducted in conjunction with the John Marshall Law School Center for Intellectual Property Law, which has a well-deserved reputation for professionally-oriented training. If any reader of this blog does decide to enrol, the IPKat will be pleased to hear about their experiences.

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Tomasz said...

I'll be there dear cats.

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