ISPs to cut off illegal downloaders?

Just in from the BBC is news that internet users in the UK who illegally download music and films may have their internet access cut under plans the government is considering. This is according to a draft consultation paper that suggests that internet service providers would be required to take action over users who access pirated material. The government stresses that the plans, which appear to have been leaked to The Times newspaper, are at an early stage and that it is still working on final proposals.

Right: Kats maintain an ambivalent attitude towards leaks ...

Says the Department for Culture, Media and Sport: "We will not comment on the content of the leaked document". The IPKat looks forward to further leaks in the interest of the furthering of the democratic process of lawmaking. Merpel wonders whether, once unlawful downloaders are cut off, there will be enough people left online to make the internet worthwhile. Or will an alternative internet develop, to cater for those who seek out the forbidden fruits of copyright infringement, pornography, unregulated gambling and so on?
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