RIAA sues dowload defence lawyer

The IPKat has learnt from Computer World that RIAA (the Recording Industry Association of America) has brought legal proceedings against Ray Beckerman, a New York based lawyer who had defended a number of individuals who have been at the receiving end of RIAA downloading lawsuits.
Ray Beckerman (left)
It appears that the claims against Mr Beckerman are part of a motion to dismiss a case, brought by RIAA, against a lady who claims not to know how to operate a computer. RIAA is arguing that its ability to uncover evidence was impaired by Beckerman and his client and that various ‘frivolous’ motions were filed.

RIAA has also objected to the fact that Mr Beckerman posts details on cases on his blog, ‘Recording Industry vs The People’, arguing that this ‘demeans the integrity of these judicial proceedings and warrants this imposition of sanctions’.

The IPKat doesn’t like the sound of this too much. He is particularly disturbed by the idea that an attorney shouldn’t be able to publicise details of his cases – what about free speech? After all, RIAA tends to be vocal about the lawsuits it is bringing in order for those actions to have the deterrent effect that it desires.
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mcvooty said...

It is unfortunate that the RIAA's heavy handed tactics against its customers and now one of their attorneys reinforce customers' negative views of the music industry, which in turn fosters further illegal up- and downloading of music.

Music companies have been good at marketing music, but they have not been good at developing new talent or, with the exception of a few stars, paying them. The Internet and the digitization of music has made their business model no longer sustainable. These law suits most resemble Custer's Last Stand.

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