Absolution for Absolute as dispute with Absolut settles

An article in The Guardian today, "Absolute Radio settles trademark fight with Absolut vodka", reports on the end of what might have been a long and entertaining court dispute between Absolute Radio and Swedish vodka brand Absolut. The vodka maker sued the UK music station for trade mark infringement and passing off but today's settlement, the terms of which are confidential, has scotched the chance of further proceedings.

Absolut, the jewel in the crown of V&S Vin&Sprit, was not best pleased when the Times of India Group purchased Virgin Radio and renamed it Absolute, being concerned that there would be a risk of confusion between the two. A spokesman for V&S has now expressed pleasure at the outcome of this dispute, "which will enable us to continue to develop the iconic Absolut brand without risk of confusion to the public." Absolute Radio is equally pleased, for obvious reasons.

While the terms of settlement are confidential, says the IPKat, it shouldn't be long before the public gets some idea of what they contain: all they have to do is watch carefully and see how the two brands market their respective goods and services nonconfusingly. Merpel adds, I wonder whether there's more to this matter than the report suggests: likelihood of confusion is something I associate with similar goods and services: it's not obvious to everyone, though, that radio stations and vodka can be termed "similar".

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Anonymous said...

Hmm, if vodka and radio can be confused (perhaps easily done given ample supply of the former), what then about "Absolute Music"? That one has been used for years and appears to be a Swedish cooperation between EMI, Warner Music and Sony BMG.

Tangentially, I have seen music CD's of questionable legality labeled "Absolutely illegal" as an ironic comment on the "Absolute Music" label. Not that said CD was mine, I hasten to add.

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