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Looking for a book bargain? The IPKat's friends at Oxford University Press are conducting a bumper sale in which many excellent law books may be picked up for rather less than the arm and a leg with such books are usually associated. Many intellectual property books are included within the list of reduced-price titles. You can check them out here.

Around the weblogs. It's that time of the year again when fellow blogger and prolific tweeter Barry Sookman posts his annual copyright round-up. His latest effort, "Copyright law 2013: the year in review", can be found here. IP Draughts' Mark Anderson is plotting a trip to the Antipodes in 2015 and wonders whether anyone out there would like to sample the delights of his IP and contract courses. Over on SOLO IP, Barbara Cookson asks some very pertinent questions about electoral hustings -- or their absence -- in the European Patent Institute elections. The 1709 Blog flags an article by Andreas Rahmatian on UK university copyright management policy that somehow fluttered over to Legal Studies. Finally, on PatLit, the ever-energetic and scholarly Stefano Barazza offers a fascinating insight into the validity of patents for olive-derived phenolic supplements.

Call for papers.  Sabine Jacques, a PhD student at the University of Nottingham, has written to the IPKat has follows:
"Dear IPKat, I am writing on behalf of the organising committee of the PhD SLS (Society of Legal Scholars) Conference. Knowing how it is difficult for young researchers to find a conference where to present their research and how your blog is well appreciated by us, I was wondering whether you could possibly advertise the event for us.

The Organising Committee of the 2014 Society of Legal Scholars' PhD Conference, to be held at the University of Nottingham on 8 September 2014, is inviting the submission of abstracts. This year's theme is 'Judging in the Twenty-First Century'. Details of the event, the call for papers and how to submit an abstract can be found here".
The IPKat notes that intellectual property law is one of the topics specially mentioned as being of interest, and hopes that his readers will rally to the call!
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