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Wednesday, 30 April 2014

BREAKING NEWS: here are further excerpts from draft impact assessment on review of EU copyright

A couple of days ago this Kat reported that Statewatch made available a link to the Commission's draft Impact Assessment (IA) on the modernisation of the EU copyright acquis [here and here]

That document was not complete, and so today the same source has made further excerpts available. 

These concern:
This Kat will now read all these leaked texts and report on them soon. In the meanwhile: enjoy the reading!


Anonymous said...

Slow news day? An IA is so low down in the scheme of things that even reading one is painful. They are formulaic and prepared as a requirement with preposterous options and safe ones to satisfy the formula. Followers of law making will know that they are often ignored. Now a draft proposal that would be different.

Anonymous said...

Interesting that in this policy draft the Commission's consultants affect to have an open mind as to whether harmonisation of copyright exceptions for libraries and archives would be beneficial -- whereas at WIPO in Geneva, considering the issue on a worldwide basis, "the European Commission makes blunt statement opposing treaties or other harmonization of minimum copyright exceptions for libraries, archives", according to this tweet just in from Jamie Love.

Anonymous said...

Disagree that IA is low down - where there isn't huge political momentum, they set the tone for the following action. And the fact that so little has come out of this commission in terms of ambitious reform is reason enough to peruse over this.
If this IA is anything to go buy, we are going to have very French looking copyright plans - how to make the rest of the world pay for our collecting societies: value tree! cultural industries created the internet and are at the source of all value created. Plus ca change...

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