Tuesday Titivation

This Kat is not used to writing the multi-issue blogposts that are such a speciality of our dear blogmeister.  However, a few things have arrived in his inbox while he was engaged in his Easter aestivation, which are unrelated to each other, and none of which appears to merit a blogpost of its own, and so he is going to try his hand at the multi-issue roundup.

1. Norway to accede to the London Agreement [title updated with apologies]

Thanks to @dustshoveller for this picture
of the procrastipuss, which stops the IPKat writing
Firstly, Katfriend Stein Roar Gjøen from Acapo has let the IPKat know that the Norwegian cabinet has proposed acceding to the London Agreement, effective from 1 January 2015.  This is apparently rather a speedy decision, since the public consultation was completed only in February.  News is available in Norwegian here, and via the joys of Google translate here.  Merpel is amused that the translated title promises "expensive patenting".

2. Transitional Provisions for new Patent law in New Zealand

Hearty Katpat for the much katpatted Chris Torrero for pointing out that the Intellectual Property Office of New Zealand has published information about the coming into force of aspects of the Patents Act 2013 (the Act itself was discussed by the IPKat here).  You can see the information on the IPONZ website here.

3. The Streisand Effect

This moggy does not often read family law cases, but was very taken with the case of  London Borough of Haringey v Musa [2014] EWHC 1200 (Fam) (11 April 2014), in which, despite the explicit instructions of the judge that a prior judgment should be published,  the legal department of the London Borough Haringey caused an administrator at Bailii to removed the entire judgment from the BAILII site.  The judgment ends with the most unusual sentence "On that incredibly melancholy note, and with the utmost despair on my part, I draw the present hearing to a close."

The taking down of judgments from BAILII has led to the establishment of a website dedicated to the recording of cases being deleted from BAILII.  You can read about it here.  It is called BailiiStreisand.com after the Streisand Effect, which "is the phenomenon whereby an attempt to hide, remove, or censor a piece of information has the unintended consequence of publicizing the information more widely".

Disappearing judgments are not much a feature of intellectual property law as far as this Kat can remember, but the IPKat welcomes this contribution to judicial openness.
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  1. The London Agreement != Unified Patent Court Treaty

  2. I was for one second was playing with the idea of Norway wishing to accede to the Unified Patent Court... Maybe you can think of a subtitle that is less interesting, but more factual subtitle ;-)

  3. Thanks to both anons. This Kat was obviously still aestivating. Apologies for the completely incorrect title before referring to the UPC.


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