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Saturday, 12 April 2014

Commission publishes responses to Public Consultation on the Review of EU Copyright Rules

Getting ready for an intense weekend of ...
copyright reading?
Would you fancy some reading this weekend? 

Of course, you will remember the Public Consultation on the Review of EU Copyright Rules [here], which the Commission launched back in December and closed on 5 March last. 

Although the official numbers have not been published yet, this Kat saw on Twitter [disclaimer: not an official EU law & policy source (yet)] that the Consultation appears to have attracted 11,117 responses [Merpel wonders how many responses the Commission expected, since initially the Consultation was scheduled to remain open for just two months?]

A task-force of 15 zealous people is also rumoured to have dealt with them [this would mean that each person has taken care of over 740 responses: can that be true?] 

You bet!
Yesterday the Commission made part of responses [the replies of those who asked to remain anonymous are not published] available [for the response of UK Government and its analysis see here] and divided them between those of registered contributors and non-registered contributors. The responses of the latter are sub-divided between those of users and other stakeholders.  

The summary results should be published soon, even if it is most likely that when that time comes EU copyright enthusiasts will have already read and memorised all the available responses.

What's next anyway? As this Kat's favourite Commissioner, ie Michel Barnier, tweeted back in February, the Commission is planning to release a White Paper [this should be in June] aimed at identifying solutions to the problems emerged from the Consultation where and if problems exist.


Aliki Foinikopoulou said...

With a tweet on March 6,DG MARKT had confirmed it received 11.117 contributions...

Eleonora Rosati said...

Thanks for this info Aliki! I shall update the post :-)

KTetch Dureek said...

Of course, they annoyed a lot of people, by not specifying when they were closing. There were a number of people who submitted on the deadline day and got back 'its now closed, GFY'.

most other consultations will, to quote the UK BIS "allow a little injury time" (like 2-3am on the day after the deadline)

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