Toni Wilson and John Lambert (nipc) have just let the IPKat know of their new venture, Wikid. Writes John:
"We were one of the first barristers' chambers with a website, one of the first with a blog, one of the first with a ".eu" TLD (though we have not yet decided how to use it), one of the few with a "" domain (though we are probably going to give that up) and the first with a WAP site (which we definitely have given up). Now we are one of the first (if not the first) to launch and support a voluntary public wiki for our area of the law.

We could be wrong, but we think we have the first IP law wiki anywhere - at least in the UK Like our other websites and this blog, the wiki will concentrate on advice for SME and creative and innovative individuals. They need specialist legal services just as much as Siemens and Microsoft but can't afford the silly fees that are often charged for such services.

Though this has been launched and is supported by nipc it is open to everyone with an interest in IP and technology law and we hope everybody will take part".
There are certainly other wikis with IP content, but none -- so far as the IPKat knows -- that concentrate on giving advice rather than information. You can visit this wiki here. Says the IPKat, this looks like an interesting venture, particularly when contributors get to the point at which they disagree with one another. Merpel adds, I've taken a little look but still haven't found the most exciting bit: the disclaimer.
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  1. The Electronic Frontier Foundatio has a nice Internet Law Treatise that is in a wiki format (see which covers many traditional IP issues, in addition to electronic contracting, 1st Amendment, and privacy/data collection issues. Check it out!

  2. Perhaps I should be publicising the ukpatents wiki a bit more, if apparently web-savvy IP barristers are still unaware of it 18 months after it started.

  3. According to Wayback-Machine is up and running since November 2005. I would have to check the bills of the domain provider for the exact date of registering.

    Google presently says: approximately 2430 pages.

  4. No need to check the bills, Martin. It's clear that some of the pages in the site date as far back as September 2005. This one, for example, has a first revision of 18 September 2005. Those pesky Germans beat us to it by a fair margin. Mind you, I bet the Americans were there first.


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