$300k to get rid of Kamil Idris

Thanks to Joff Wild of the IAM blog for pointing out the news (via the Herald Tribune) that Mr Idris is apparently due to be paid off to the tune of a year's salary and full pension rights, in return for getting shot of him a year earlier than he was due to leave his position as Director General of WIPO.

This Kat wonders whether he would have any chance of getting the job, since he has three genuine university degrees and proper professional IP qualifications, which is more than he is can say with any confidence about Mr Idris. Perhaps it would be worth putting in an application.

More money for nothing here and here.
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  1. But will the cat be willing to reveal his true age - in human years and for each of his 9 lives, I presume!

  2. I have seen some erroneous reports that Idris might go for a third term. Whatever you might accuse him of, megalomania regarding term length is not something he is guilty of. In fact, he stated in 1997 that he was personally committed to limitation of mandates and in 1998 Article 9(3) of the WIPO Convention was amended to limit presidents to two terms, at his initiative. The last I heard this had not still not been accepted by member states, but that's hardly Idris's fault.

    Incidentally, the $300k pay off was originally reported by Associated Press a couple of days ago, based on a leaked letter from the Nigerian ambassador. Other reports say that it is not a final deal.

  3. Let's not forget that back in 1997 and 1998 Kamil Idris was telling us all he was a certain age when he was not.

    The bottom line is that Idris has not yet stated categorically he will be resigning. Given his track record, it seems reasonable to speculate why this might be. As things stand, it is possible for him to seek a third term - or to be nominated for the same. I don't tink anyone is saying it will happen, just that it could happen. And given what else has happened over recent years at WIPO, it does not seem beynd the bounds ofpossibility until we get a categorical and definitive statement from the DG to the contrary.

    The chances are that Idris will walk away from WIPO some time in 2008 with a very nice pay-off and full pension rights, despite being less than straightforward about both his age and his qualifications to do the job he was elected to do. But given what has happened up to now, I don't think you can rule out other developments either; especally if the final leaving package he is offered does not meet his requirements. Many will ask why he is getting anything.

  4. The IPKat has 5 ages (one for each of his paws, and a fifth for when his blog first appeared). The first four are matters of public record and aren't really secret (except that this paw only knows one of them). The last is lost in the midsts of time, since the previous software deleted his early posts.


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