The bare facts and the Naked truth

The silly season -- usually some time around August when there's no real news -- has come early this year, according to this little snippet from the New York Times (the IPKat thanks his friend and fellow IP Finance blogger Miri Frankel, for the link!).

Left: The Naked Cowgirl; Right: The Naked Cowboy [says Merpel, this must be the most superfluous caption ever to accompany any IPKat posting]

The story, somewhat inelegantly entitled "1-Man Rodeo: NYC's Naked Cowboy Sues Naked Cowgirl", relates how iconic New York character Robert Burck, better known as The Naked Cowboy (see earlier IPKat posts here and here on his IP prowess), is suing Sandra Brodsky (better known as stripper-turned-comedienne Sandy Kane) in order to prevent her styling herself The Naked Cowgirl. Burck alleges that Kane is damaging his brand, which has helped him rake in earnings of up to $1,000 a day for strumming his guitar in Times Square.

Trade dress here
Trade undress here
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  1. He also sued Mars, Inc. in 2008 when the company put up a billboard in Times Square featuring an M&M dressed as the Naked Cowboy. I don't know how that one ended . . . .

  2. It would take a very unusual "moron in a hurry" with extremely poor vision to be confused in this instance.

  3. Do they not have trades description legislation in the US?

  4. Apparently her PR says "no comment"

    She's awaiting his briefs

  5. The Register had this story back in June, see - clearly you're a bit slower off the mark...

    By the way, I think you may have the wrong picture, or at least a misleading one, on the left. It seems to be of a proper licenced naked cowgirl, Louisa Holmlund, rather than Sandra Brodsky / Sandy Kane. See caption at

  6. @Anonymous 23/07 5:04pm

    (i) The news may have broken a long time ago in NY, but it was still news to most of my readers!

    (ii) I don't know if I've got the right cowgirl or not. To us Kats, all women look the same without their distinguishing features, i.e. their clothes


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