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Monday, 14 October 2013

And the Winners Are...

Last week, the IPKat announced that it had two spots to give away for free entry into the 6th Annual IP Trademark, Copyright & Licensing Counsel Forum, which will be taking place on October 22 – 23 at The University Club in New York City.  To win, entrants were required to write a limerick related to software licensing that started with the line “A leopard with plenty of spots…."

The topic of software, combined with the need to rhyme with "spots," caused IPKat to receive numerous entries referring to the language of "dashes and dots".  This Kat's favorites, and the winners of this Kat Contest, are as follows. 

Sean Gilday gave homage to SAS v World Programming with this entry:

A leopard with plenty of spots,
Used a language of dashes and dots,
But then post-SAS
V World Programming mess,
Thought “Programmers must be polyglots!”

while Mary Smillie (Rouse Legal) submitted several entries including this bit of wishful thinking (for the IPKat, at least):

A leopard with plenty of spots,
Was an IPKat who programmed lots
For a hundred pence
He sold many a license
And now owns a villa and yachts

as well as her winning limerick, which considers user frustration with perspective of software licenses:

A leopard with plenty of spots,
Had acne, he was covered in dots
He was cured – no mishap
Downloading a self-treatment app
But the user license tied him in knots.

Congratulations to Sean and Mary!  This Kat looks forward to meeting you at the Forum.

If you did not win, but would still like to attend, you may register with a 50% discount by using the registration code IPKATVIP.  This Kat is looking forward to two days of sessions on topics of import to IP practitioners, as well as to meeting her IP practitioner peers!

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