Copyright, technology and a Katcontest!

Copyright and Technology ...
On 1 October 2014 the beautiful London offices of Reed Smith LLP will host the 1-day Copyright and Technology conference, which promises to be very engaging. Incidentally, also this Kat will be there as a moderator in the panel asking whether internet service providers should be copyright cops. 

Katfriend and organiser Bill Rosenblatt wishes to let IPKat readers know that there is a special discount available for them. Those who wish to register have simply to select the relevant option in the registration form.

This is not the only good news, as this Kat has a complimentary ticket (worth £239) to award to the winner of a new Katcontest reserved to full time students/trainees/apprentices. The background idea is that these deserving copyright enthusiasts might often struggle to find a sponsor to attend these sorts of professional events.

... or
Copyright and Technology?
The competition requires aspiring entrants to create an artistic work, eg a photograph or (if you find it easier) a work of architecture, that illustrates in the best/most humourous/saddest/etc (it all depends on your perspective!) the relationship between copyright and technology.

Once you are happy with your "own intellectual creation", email it to, but do so by Monday 8 September 11 pm GMT.

The IPKat will publish the best entries, so do please also provide an irrevocable gratuitous and non-exclusive licence when submitting your work.

Good luck! 
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Bill Rosenblatt said...

Thanks Eleonora. I am particularly excited about our duelling keynote speakers: Maria Martin-Prat of the EC and Shira Perlmutter of the US PTO. Twin titans of copyright policy, and former colleagues at WIPO and elsewhere.

Also, I am not only a Katfriend but also a cat lover.

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