Never Too Late: if you missed the IPKat last week

No more worries - for a week or two...
Did you take a summer holiday from the last week of IPKat? Here is the 108th edition of Never Too Late wishing you were here!

* The Limerick Competition - the Results!

There once was a Kat who liked rhyming,
But never could master the timing,
Invited submissions
For special editions
And discovered some poets a-climbing.

Congratulations to John Boumphrey for his winning entry!

The Intellectual Property Office responds to Brexit, highlighting that EU-derived protection is still in place while the UK remains a Member of the EU, and that the UK is looking into various post-Brexit options. Annsley Merrelle Ward reports on the new guide with a little help from Merpel.

* When its comes to "deadwood", leave it in the State of South Dakota and out of Trademark Office policy

Is unused "deadwood"really cluttering up trade mark registers? Neil Wilkof explains why deadwood may not be such a problem, unless you are a legendary 19th century rascal.

* Friday Fun

Internkat Ellie Wilson brings us a weekly roundup, including the new MIP European Patent Reform Forum, and University of New Hampshire's search for a new Dean.


Never too late 107 [week ending on Sunday 31 July] Article 28 declarations |Costs of ISP blocking injunctions |Friday Fantasies, featuring legal challenges to Brexit and  more |Huawei v Samsung |Hospira v Genentech |Questions on Article 3(b) SPC referred to CJEU |Book Review: Trade Secret Protection |Pokémon Go

Never too late 106 [week ending on Sunday 24 July] | Innovation & IPRs in China & India: Book Review Paris Tribunal rejects request to filter 'torrent' searches on Bing | Red colour mark reinstated in Germany | Update on Napp v Dr Reddy & Sandoz Litgation | Patent jurisdiction tussle in Rhodia v Molycorp | Decision on ISP liability from Rome | Copyright in the Animal Kingdom 

Never too late 105 [week ending on Sunday 17 July] High Court rejects Seretide combination colour mark in Glaxo v Sandos | Conference report: Should you arbitrate FRAND terms? | Friday Foghorn, including UK IPO invitation for IP valuation research bids

Never too late 104 [week ending on Sunday 10 July] e-Sport in the French Digital Republic Bill | Aspartame is back -- and is Pepsi playing by a new branding playbook| The USPTO moves to clear "Trademark Deadwood" | Court of Appeal of England and Wales confirms availability of blocking injunctions in online trade mark cases  An opportunity for IP scholars seeking future careers | CJEU says that operators of physical marketplaces may be forced to stop trade mark infringements of market-traders | Book review: the law and practice of trade mark transactions | Own name defence in Singapore| Cartier rapid response event | AG Wathelet on out of print books | Maccoffee: McDonalds not loving it

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  1. Is it not wonderful how Europe and the chattering classes seem to close down in accordance with the local British School eerrrr sorry I mean Summer European August holidays,,,. Presumably (or rather,,,hopefully,,, as there is nothing more thrilling than some of the threads to be found here} hostility's will start in earnest in September?

    terribly cynical,,,,,,frightfully bad form,,,,,

  2. Aaaggghhhh ze British and their excessive holidays. Pah!

  3. Do you mean the British,,,,, or the champagne British CD plate driving tax free BMW VAT dodging cant stop moaning about the EPO its all doom and gloom - but Jesus they pay for my post British School use the word 'like' at least twice in very sentence kids to go to University so its got to be worth sticking it out at all costs and I couldn't get a job anywhere else anyway because I am an over 45 sold out British loser who has become institutionalised because I been here so long,,,,type excessive holiday person?

    Do you mean that sort of British person? Or do you mean a British person who has no choice but to accept a 0 hours contract, Think you have lost touch. Get in touch. Arrogance is not the way forward.


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