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The Register reports that webmasters have been receiving cease and desist notices from Studio Peyo, which owns the rights to the SMURFS trade mark. Studio Peyo objected to a nine year old page on a site hosted by a Californian ISP, a page which translates English into Smurf Language. Click here for more from Websmurfer.

Azrael, the cat belonging to Gargamel, ready to pounce on unwitting Smurfs - or is it Smurves?

History of Smurfs here
Are the Smurfs Nazis? Click here

2 Scottish Courts

The Scottish Courts website has not posted any new intellectual property cases since February (Profile Software v Becogent). Surely it can't be because there simply aren't any! The IPKat demands an explanation. Merpel says, perhaps the Smurfs ate them all ...

3 Gone quiet ...

Displacement of Concepts (most recent post 3 June)
Markenbusiness (quiet since 6 July)
CyberBug (no blog since 12 July)
Guiding Rights (quiet since 25 October)

The IPKat hopes these sites are merely resting and that they will soon be active again.
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