The IPKat is grateful to Steve Palmer of Rawlison Butler, who has pointed him in the direction of the BBC’s report that the X Factor copyright/breach of confidence case has settled. In the case (which managed to confuse the blogmeister by having two parties called Simon) Simon Fuller, creator of the Pop Idol musical television talent contest, sued Simon Cowell, one of the judges of Pop Idol after Cowell set up a musical television talent contest named the X Factor.

The terms of the settlement agreement are confidential, but it seems that Fuller’s production company gets a minority holding in certain IP rights in the X Factor, and Cowell has agreed to front five more series of Pop Idol.

The IPKat is horrified by the though of five more series of Pop Idol. Will the format last the course, or will it become jaded and give way to the next big reality TV trend?

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Anonymous said...

I believe it's five more series of American Idol - so IPKat should be safe on this side of the pond!

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