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Thursday, 1 February 2007

Do Domainers have to be enemies? New newsletter; After Gowers, the GIT

Do Domainers have to be enemies?

This question is also the title of a CPA webinar (sic) on the monetisation of domain names and the rise of 'domaining' - the identification and colonisation of domain names with high traffic quality by so-called domainers. The webinar [the IPKat really dislikes this word and wishes he could think up a better one] takes place on 13 February 2007 at 3pm (GMT)/10am (EST). Details here.

New newsletter

Digital Media & Marketing is the name of a new newsletter launched by London law firm Lewis Silkin. You can see the first issue here. It carries, among other items, an article by Simon Morrissey on Second Life, virtual world reality and some of the legal consequences that emerge from it. The IPKat affects to remain nonchalantly unimpressed: Second Life is no big deal for cats who have nine lives.

After Gowers, the GIT

Here's a post by the IPKat's friend Peter Groves, reporting on a post-Gowers seminar at which Andrew Gowers reports on the Gowers Implementation Team that has been set up at the Patent Office to see his recommendations on intellectual property law reform through. This looks like remarkable haste. Is there going to be no formal discussion and adoption or rejection of the Gowers Review's recommendations, wonders the IPKat.

Right: The Gowers Implementation Team: action, not debate ...

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