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Tuesday, 13 February 2007

Mash for breakfast

The cool cats at the Today programme [listen here – 7.40 slot] were very excited by the fact that Mashed has been released. The album is a series of ‘mashups’, which combine the music of various artists in a single track. Difficulties in obtaining copyright clearance have mean that such music has ‘previously reserved for illegal internet activity and the underground circuit.’. However, for this album, the artists seem to have been happy to consent.

The IPKat, ever the cynic, notes that the album is released on EMI. He suspects that it would be easier for a record company such as EMI, with which a number of the ‘mashed’ artists are signed, to persuade artists to consent to mashing that it would be for a smaller, less established label.


Simon said...

A talking head on Radio Fice Live seemed to be giving the impression that mashups did not infringe copyright....hmmm......

John H said...

Even more cynically, some of us might wonder if this represents an attempt by EMI to show it is "down with the kids" and not at all squaresville, daddio, even while bringing the full weight of copyright infringement down upon the heads of anyone who engages in, ahem, "unauthorised mashing"...

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