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Friday, 23 February 2007

New INN Regulation for EU

Council Regulation 129/2007 of 12 February 2007 was published online on the European Commission's Official Journal this morning. This Regulation provides for duty-free treatment for specified pharmaceutical active ingredients bearing an ‘international non-proprietary name’ (INN) from the World Health Organisation and specified products used for the manufacture of finished pharmaceuticals and amending Annex I to Regulation 2658/87. It's 53 pages long and doesn't have much of a storyline, but the recitals make its purpose plain: non-branded pharmaceutical ingredients get duty-free treatment under WTO rules, which makes it cheaper and easier to get them into the hands of people in developing countries whose need is great and whose means are limited.


Jordan said...

The page that you linked to is from the Oklahoma Chapter of the Special Libraries Association.

The symbol is from the state flag of Oklahoma. From the state's website:
his shows a sky blue field with a central device: an Indian war shield of tan buckskin showing small crosses on the face -- the Indian design for stars -- and seven eagle feathers pendent for the edge of the shield. An Indian peace pipe (calumet) with a pipestone bowl and a tassel at the end of the pipestem lies on the shield; above the Indian peace pipe is an olive branch, the white man's emblem of peace. Underneath the shield or design in white letters is the word "Oklahoma."

A slightly better description is available at

Jeremy said...

Thanks so much, Jordan - and there I was, assuming it was some cryptic and deeply meaningful reference to copyright in the digital age. I do feel a little foolish at this juncture ...

Jordan said...

Well if it is of some comfort to you, I used to live in Oklahoma. Not a fact a Texan likes to admit very often...

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