Friday frissons

Don't forget to check out the events listed in the IPKat's superbly-updated 'Forthcoming Events' feature, which occupies a large slice of space on the left-hand side-bar of this weblog's front page. The number of events currently listed is 34. FREE events are listed in an environmentally friendly green.

That Google Book Agreement? The IPKat mentioned it in brief, but American scholar, gentleman and fellow-blogger C. E. Petit is keeping a far closer eye on it via his weblog, Scrivener's Error.

News has been brought to the IPKat's sensitive ears that Yahoo!, the somewhat-left-behind US online search engine, is engaged in “meaningful” due diligence about a possible combination with Time Warner internet unit AOL, but that a deal is not imminent. The Kat is overjoyed to see the words "meaningful" and "due diligence" in such close proximity, but wonders what other sort there is.
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Anonymous said...

'Meaningful' is a filler word: it is semantically null.


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